Introducing SPIRE360

Looking for ambient filtration or displacement ventilation options for production welding or dust-producing applications? Spire360 may be the right system for you. Spire is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to centralized ducted systems for high-production industrial processes. Unlike standard displacement ventilation options, each Spire360 unit collects and filters ambient air and returns it to the facility. The unit is designed to collect contaminated air high on the unit and discharge clean, filtered at the bottom. Discharging air at the floor level creates a positive press zone of cleaner air which naturally forces dirtier air up into the filtration unit. Filtering the air in a facility avoids energy losses associated with venting heated or cooled air to the outside. Filtration is better for the environment, too, so you can ensure that you are meeting both health-and-safety and environmental regulations for air quality and emissions.

Spire360 features:

  • Small footprint: Our floor-saving design takes up about the same amount of space as a Euro Pallet. And since there is no ductwork to install, it’s less intrusive and won’t interfere with overhead cranes or production equipment.
  • Energy Efficient: Ambient filtration does a better job of clearing contaminants from the air than traditional ventilation, resulting in higher employee comfort and better compliance with health and safety regulations. Since contaminants are removed rather than simply blown out the facility, it will also ensure compliance with tightening emissions regulations and future Acceptable Point of Impingement Concentration limits.
  • Easy Installation: Spire360 is faster and easier to install than traditional ducted systems for displacement ventilation or ambient filtration. Since the Spire units have a very small footprint, it’s easy to find space for them.
  • Very Low Maintenance: Everything is easily accessible for fast filter changes and maintenance—no special tools required. The single filter design makes filter change out fast and easy. And our proprietary eTell system makes maintenance headache-free.
  • Flexibility: Whenever you need to change your floor configuration, Spire360 is easy to move right along with your production equipment.

SPIRE360 Configuration

Flexible, movable single collectors.

Our Spire360 ambient configuration uses small collectors that can be strategically placed where needed throughout the facility to collect and filter dust and fumes. Dirty air is pulled into the intake plenum at the top and clean air is returned back to the facility. This system is very flexible, simple to install and maintain, and easy to move as facility needs change.

Units are placed strategically on the factory floor to create airflow patterns for maximum capture efficiency. As thermal plumes of contaminated air rise, they are pulled into the intake plenums. Floor diffusers return clean air back to the facility. Particulates are captured by the filters and collected in an easily accessed internal hopper. That means no ducts to clean and zero emissions from the facility.

How it Works

  • eTell™ Intelligent Controls

    Each Spire360 unit comes standard with eTell, a revolutionary control system that learns your systems and routines, makes automatic adjustments to save energy and extend filter life, and alerts you when maintenance is needed.

  • A

    Internal Hopper

    Dust is collected in an easy-access internal hopper. Just hook a standard shop vac up to one of two 2″ ports to clean out excess dust.

  • B

    SafeSensor™ Particulate Monitoring

    SafeSensor is the Spire360’s advanced particulate-monitoring device that can detect leaks past the filters. If one should occur, SafeSensor will shut the equipment down and trigger an alarm.

  • C

    Intake Plenum

    The intake plenum is located high on the unit to capture weld fumes carried upward by thermal currents. It pulls contaminated air into the filtration system where particulates are captured.

  • D

    eDrive™ Automatic VFD – Option

    The eDrive constantly monitors airflow, and automatically adjusts the motor RPM to compensate for filter loading. Energy peaks and valleys are evened out, and energy usage is cut by 20% to 30% while filter life is extended by as much as 30%.

eQ Air Quality Monitoring System

Combine Spire360 with the eQ Air Quality Monitoring System for maximum efficiency. eQ operates like a “thermostat for air quality” turning the unit on when it is needed, and off when it is not.

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