Introducing SPIRE

If you’re using robotic welding cells, Spire may be the right system for you. We designed Spire especially for the most common types of welding applications for the automotive industry though it can be applied to many other industries as well. Spire is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to centralized ducted systems. Each Spire unit provides filtration for an individual welding cell. It’s a powerful system that can keep up with the heavy demands of robotic welding in a high-production factory.
Spire features:

  • Small footprint: Our floor-saving design takes up about the same amount of space as a Euro Pallet.
  • Built-in spark arrestance: Our propriety Delta3 spark arrestance system comes standard with every unit for superior fire safety.
  • Very low maintenance: Everything is easily accessible for fast filter changes and maintenance-no special tools required. And our proprietary eTell system makes maintenance headache-free.
  • Flexible: Since the Spire units have a very small footprint, it’s easy to find space for them. And whenever you need to change your floor configuration, Spire is easy to move right along with your welding cell.

SPIRE Configuration

Flexible, movable single collectors.
Our spire configuration uses smaller collectors, one for each welding cell, ducted to the hood over the cell. This system is very flexible, simple to install and maintain, and easy to move with the welding cell. The single filter design makes filter change out fast and easy. Includes built-in spark arrestance. For additional configurations, including the flexible, new RoboVent Grid configuration, click HERE.

How it Works

  • eTell™ Intelligent Controls

    Each Spire unit comes standard with eTell, a revolutionary control system that learns your systems and routines, makes automatic adjustments to save energy and extend filter life, and alerts you when maintenance is needed.

  • A

    Internal Hopper

    Dust is collected in an easy-access internal hopper. Just hook a standard shop vac up to one of two 2″ ports to clean out excess dust.

  • B

    SafeSensor™ Particulate Monitoring

    SafeSensor is the Spire’s advanced particulate-monitoring device that can detect leaks past the filters. If one should occur, SafeSensor will shut the equipment down and trigger an alarm.

  • C

    Delta3™ SparkOut

    Our propriety Delta3 spark arrestance system comes standard with every unit for superior fire safety. Delta3 uses centrifugal force to eliminate sparks at the source.

  • D

    Supprex-200™ Fire Suppression System – Option

    This is a dual-stage system activated by smoke or heat. If smoke is detected, a fire damper closes, stopping all airflow and oxygen supply. If heat is detected, FM-200 gas is instantly deployed.

  • E

    eDrive™ Automatic VFD – Option

    The eDrive constantly monitors airflow, and automatically adjusts the motor RPM to compensate for filter loading. Energy peaks and valleys are evened out, and energy usage is cut by 20% to 30% while filter life is extended by as much as 30%.

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