RoboVent MiniCube™
Hi-Vac Filtration System

Available March 2018

With the RoboVent MiniCube, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for portability. Our smallest hi-vac dust collector is rated for continuous production, so it can keep working as long as you do. And with the built-in wheels and handle, it can go with you wherever you need it to. The MiniCube provides hi-vac extraction for source capture of manual weld fumes. It’s the perfect choice for shops where space is at a premium or welders are highly mobile.

Powerful: The MiniCube supports one RoboVent Extractor fume gun to provide effective, efficient air filtration. It is rated for continuous use, making it appropriate for high-production welding environments.

Portable: The MiniCube is small enough to fit almost anywhere and light enough for a single welder to move wherever it is needed. The built-in wheels and handle make it the perfect choice for high-mobility welding applications using fume guns.

Easy: The MiniCube has been designed for ease of use and low maintenance, from automatic start and stop to the easy dashboard controls—just plug and play!

Quiet: The MiniCube generates 68 decibels when in use, making it one of the quietest hi-vacuum units on the market with additional noise-reducing features to improve operator comfort and acceptance.

The RoboVent Extractor™

MiniCube and Extractor : The Perfect Pair

The RoboVent MiniCube pairs perfectly with the RoboVent Extractor™ fume gun to collect weld fumes right at the source. Each MiniCube can support one Extractor fume gun. It’s an ideal combination for applications where welders need to stay highly mobile or are working in tight spaces that make other forms of source capture hard to implement.

The Extractor fume gun collects up to 95% of weld fumes as they are generated. The MiniCube turns on and off automatically with the fume gun for maximum convenience and energy savings. When working on large weldments, the MiniCube can be moved along with the welder so you always have extraction power right where you need it.

How it Works

  • A

    Wheel and Handle

    Large rubber wheels and a sturdy foldaway handle allow the unit to be easily moved throughout the facility.

  • B


    A simple easy to use, user-friendly dashboard lets you see performance and filter loading at a glance.

  • C

    AutoSaver Automatic Start/Stop

    The MiniCube turns on and off with the weld torch to save energy.

  • D

    Adjustable Airflow

    You can easily adjust airflow to the right extraction speed for your application or to compensate for filter loading.

  • E

    Automatic Filter Cleaning System

    Filters are automatically cleaned using compressed air to minimize maintenance and extend filter life.

  • F

    Blower Inlet Relief Valve

    The relief valve protects the MiniCube from harmful overpressure if airflow becomes obstructed.

  • G

    Exhaust Silencer

    The exhaust silencer reduces generated noise from our already quiet system by a further 10-15 decibels to improve operator comfort

  • H

    Easy-Change Dust Tray

    The dust tray can be fitted with plastic liners for easy disposal of collected dust.

  • I

    Heavy-Duty Construction

    The mini-cube is built to last, with 14-gauge steel construction of the cabinet.


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