Introducing FlexPro Hi-Vac

The RoboVent FlexPro Hi-Vac smoke-collection system is a versatile, simple and powerful solution for welding smoke extraction. Suitable for both manual and robotic welding applications. FlexPro is designed to eliminate the need for backdraft hoods and large ductwork.

The FlexPro Hi-Vac air filtration system collects fumes right at the source. It’s the perfect companion to the RoboVent Extractor. It can also be used with suction tubes mounted to your fixture or welding table or, in the case of shipbuilding, directly to the ship!

FlexPro is designed for plug-and-work use: simply attach your Hi-Vac suction tube, connect to a power source and start collecting weld fumes.

Manual Welding Hi-Vac Applications:

  • — Ship building and repairs
    — Tank building and repairs
    — Large pipe welding
    — Large weldments
    — Applications that require extensive crane use
    — Stainless steel welding
    — Any application where a welder is overexposed to harmful welding fumes

Robotic Welding Applications:

  • — Many robotic welding applications
    — Applications requiring extensive overhead crane use
    — Large cells with multiple robots
    — Assembly lines

Grid Hi-Vac Configuration

Using modular, standardized ductwork, the Grid Hi-Vac Configuration connects FlexPro Hi-Vac units into a powerful, facility-wide system of smoke extraction. Hi-Vac units can be added, as needed, or moved around into countless configurations. For additional information on RoboVent’s Grid Hi-Vac Configuation, click HERE.

How it Works

  • eTell™ Intelligent Controls

    Each Fusion Series unit comes standard with eTell Intelligent Controls, a revolutionary system that learns your systems and routines, makes automatic adjustments to save energy and extend filter life and alerts you when maintenance is needed. With eTell, you can forget about your dust collector until it calls you.

  • A

    Endurex™ RMO Filters

    RoboVent’s Endurex RMO filters use Reinforced Media Optimization and a rigorous quality control system to guarantee performance. In addition to RMO Technology™ a wide selection of media is available including high performance cellulose, NanoFibre and PTFE. This allows filters to be tailored specifically to the application.

  • B

    SafeSensor™ Particulate Monitoring

    SafeSensor is the Fusion Series advanced particulate-monitoring device that can detect leaks past the filters. If one should occur, SafeSensor will shut the equipment down and trigger an alarm.

  • C

    Dynamic Pulse™ System

    This patent-pending system takes filter cleaning to an entirely new level. Far more than just a simple blast of compressed air, it has multiple valves working together in a computer-synchronized double-pulse sequence to virtually eliminate re-entrainment while propelling the dust down into the collection area.

  • D

    Rugged Cabinet Design

    The RoboVent FlexPro collector features a modular cabinet design that aligns with our signature protocol. The fully welded 10-gauge steel cabinet has a 4.7mm tube sheet, 6.3mm-thick steel for the base and a Schedule 40 compressed-air pressure vessel. The entire cabinet and all structural components are backed by the 15-year warranty that is RoboVent’s assurance of quality.

  • E

    eDrive™ Automatic VFD – Option

    The eDrive constantly monitors airflow and automatically adjusts the motor RPM to compensate for filter loading. Energy peaks and valleys are evened out, and energy usage is cut by 20% to 30% while filter life is extended by as much as 30%.

RoboVent Extractor™

Safe extraction of welding fumes at the source

The RoboVent Extractor consists of a welding gun with a built-in extraction module. The gun can be connected to a central extraction system or to a stand-alone version without any problems. One advantage of the RoboVent Extractor gun integrated with a RoboVent FlexPro Hi-Vac collection system is that it can be used in different workplaces, such as in ships’ holds or tanks.

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