Introducing the
RoboVent Extractor

Welding fumes are a health hazard, and welders who inhale too many fumes run a higher risk of developing asthma, bronchitis, COPD and cardiovascular disorders. For these reasons, regulatory agencies have set standards for weld fume exposures.

For example, the United Kingdom’s Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations have set specific standards to protect workers. These COSHH regulations make reference to Workplace Exposure Limits. These standards dictate how much of a certain substance can exist in a workplace over a set period of time, usually a worker’s shift.

To comply with these regulations, companies may adopt various measures, including room ventilation, mobile extraction hoods or personal protective equipment such as dust masks or ventilated helmets. However, the effect of these is often insufficient:

  • — extraction hoods are not placed close enough to the source
    — the objects to be welded are too large
    — the welder is very mobile
    — welding may take place in enclosed areas (e.g. the hold in a ship)
    — personal protective gear is not used correctly

In these cases, an integrated welding fume extraction provision in the welding gun is a more effective measure that is easier for the welder to apply independently in comparison to other means.

The RoboVent Extractor consists of a welding gun with a built-in extraction module.

The RoboVent Extractor reduces the welder’s exposure to welding fumes by 90-95%.*

* This applies to (pulling) underhand welding. The reduction in (pushing) overhand welding and very swift horizontal movements may be slightly less.

Where and how?

The RoboVent Extractor is intended for use in MIG and GMAW welding processes that employ shielding gases. The gun will in all cases deliver an improved performance in comparison to current guns with source suction.

How it Works

  • A

    Faster Gas Flow

    Due to the design of the gas nozzle at the inside, the shielding gas comes out faster than normal. The combination of the faster gas flow with the correct extraction flow at the gas nozzle gives a perfect weld in all positions.

  • B

    Integrated Fume Extraction

    The RoboVent Extractor is a welding gun with integrated fume extraction. The gun can be connected to a central extraction system or to a stand-alone mobile extraction unit without any problems. The advantage of a mobile extraction unit with an integrated filtration system is that it can be used in different workplaces.

  • C

    Flexible and Maneuverable

    A ball-and-socket joint between the gun handle and the hose offers flexibility and maneuverability. The RoboVent Extractor is a very light gun and weighs only 1.3kg. Due to the small size of the handle, the welder does not feel any difference between the Extractor and a standard welding gun.

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