You may have heard of internet cookies…you may know all about them.  To confirm, a cookie is a small file of letters and numbers stored (with your consent) on your browser or the hard drive of your computer.  Cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive.

Cookies allow us to identify you (or, more accurately, your computer) when you visit our website.  Knowing how often people are visiting each page of our website helps us work out how and where to improve our website.

Details about the cookies we use are set out in the table below.

By continuing to use our website after opening this cookies policy, you consent to the use of cookies (including third party cookies) as described in this policy.

Cookie Purpose Duration
Google Analytics These cookies collect anonymous visitor information in order to show the number of visitors to each page on our site Date not set
Pardot Visitor Assigns a unique ID to each visitor of our site in order to track visitor activity. Date not set
Pardot Opt-in Gives each website visitor the option to opt-out of website tracking Date not set
Visitor-Track Used to track page visits by anonymous visitors and allows us to view page visits by company name Date not set

If you want, you can block cookies by changing the settings on your browser – we have set out below links to the ‘Help’ pages of some major browsers which explain how you can do this.  Blocking the cookies we use may have an adverse impact upon the presentation of some or all of our website.

Links to the ‘Help’ pages of major browsers:

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